10.1.2021 14:00
Workshop: Polymaternalism in Art and Life
ChaoCoop and Synnika

14:00 (in Frankfurt) / 21:00 (in Jieyang)

In 2020 it might have been easier to imagine the end of capitalism than the end of the family. For about one third of the world's population the lockdown ment to stay the fuck at home, in the privacy of their families, while economic activity, at least for a short period, was reduced to a minimum. For some, the lockdown emphasized the family as ideal nucleus and home office, for many it revealed its blatant insufficiencies with increasing cases of domestic violence and rising divorce rates. Therefore we will talk about the struggles and rich experiences of Polymaternalism, the actual everyday pracitces of parenting beyond the nuclear family, inspired by ChaoCoop's Mothers of Ultra, currently on display at Synnika.

In case you would like to go deeper into the topic of Polymaternalism before the workshop, here is a list of links to articles we found helpful (this is not a must-read-to-participate):
Let’s Talk About Monomaternalism - by Aster Woods
Covid-19 Is Straining the Concept of the Family. Let’s Break It. - by Sophie Lewis
Communizing Care - by ME O'Brien

The language of discussion in this online workshop is English. Please register for participation via hello@synnika.space