6.2.2021 12:00
Workshop: Conversion
Synnika and Soeng Joeng Toi

- Chinese follows English -

12:00 (in Frankfurt) / 19:00 (in Guangzhou)

In this Workshop we will discuss the prospects of Conversion in a context of pandemic crises. In urban planning Conversion means the transformation of buildings and areas, in information technology: the change of a data format, in the armaments industry: the shift towards civilian production. The future of »Remote Working«, beyond the current pandemic crisis, renders significant amounts of work and office space superfluous. Companies plan to balance stagnating and shrinking margins of profit by saving costs for wages and work space. At the same time, residential rents continue to rise. In this workshop, both Soeng Joeng Toi in Guangzhou and Synnika in Frankfurt am Main will be discussed as examples for conversions from commercial space to community based practice. How can experiments beyond the traditional space typologies of "shops", "offices", "three-room apartments", "studios" or "exhibitions" take place?

The language of discussion in this online workshop is English. Please register for participation via hello [at] synnika.space



工作坊讨论语言为中文和英文,请通过hello [at] synnika.space报名参与。报名后你将会收到视频会议的链接。