3.8.2019 11:00
SJT Workshop: From International Trade War to Mass-Demonstrations in Hong Kong – observations of everyday life in the South of China
Soeng Joeng Toi

Millions of people recently took the streets in Hong Kong protesting against a new law which would allow extradition to mainland China. The introduction of this law is widely seen as the Chinese government in Beijing strengthening its control over the former British colony. Hong Kong’s economical, social and political relations with the Mainland are manifold and inseparable from China’s industrial ascendance in becoming the »Workshop of the World«. On the other hand, Mainland China’s economy is facing many difficulties while undergoing major changes. It is still heavily relying on hundreds of millions of migrant workers toiling in its factories and precarious service jobs. The trade conflicts with the US signal that China’s export and depth fueled growth model is increasingly difficult to maintain. In this workshop we want to take a closer look into these tendencies. How do they relate to parallel developments in Europe? How can we relate to the class conflicts in the South of China?

Further reading: http://chuangcn.org/2019/06/winter-is-coming