6.1. 18:00
Aaron Nora Kappenberger, Selina Hammer, Nadine Wagner

Join us on for our opening of our next exhibition MOONSTROUS DIMECARPET – by Selina Hammer , Nadine Wagner and Aaron Nora Kappenberger.

The exhibition investigates monstrous codes in connection to cultural phenomena such as from ableist-colonial influenced 'ethnic shows,' exhibiting the monstrous, to an extreme cult of personality paraded idolatrously on the red carpet, culminating in its symptom: paparazzi’s flashlights. Using these codes and questions of sightlines and their implications of power, the show develops emancipatory counter-narratives. Who gazes at whom, and most importantly, why? What identities or non-identities are established by which gaze? This line of inquiry allows for the exploration of the intricate relationships between the othered and one's own perspective.

exhibition poster