24.2.2023 19:00
Chinoiserie Grand Gay Wedding
Queer Squad FaM 酷儿小分队

We welcome performers Yumo Cheng and Ziwei Huang for their second Chinoiserie Grand Gay Wedding curated by Queer Squad Frankfurt and hosted by Synnika. The performance first performed by the duo in Zurich, where both of them studied visual art, aims to manifest a variety of meanings associated to queer Asian identities in relation to the status of legal marriage, restrictions and discrimination.

This wedding tells a story of Chinese queers living in diaspora. The performance is as much a reflexion of social and philosophical issues as it is a community gathering. Throughout the ceremony the performers denounce heteronormative marriage that reduces people to walking wombs, dish rags, breast pumps, sex slaves, exotic Szechuan spice, and unholy virgins of patriarchy. It instead celebrates love, friendship, freedom, and European passports. It celebrates Chineseness, which brings the performers both: joy and suffering.

Yumo is a film-maker, a rope siren, a tyrant, and more. Ziwei is a massage therapist, a fool, a shy baby. In the participatory performance the audience will witness the blossoming and maturation of Yumo’s and Ziwei’s relationship, through rituals, games, and poetry.